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First of all, we must define the concept of the word Attendance - It means to give Manchester United Jersey UK , to give attention, to consider, to accept or to take in consideration a person who purchase (acquires) a product or service.


Both are two differentiated concepts and that many times are confused. Our efforts also tend to an approach, and this approach can make the difference.


Attendance is directly connected to the businesses that an organization can or cannot do, in accordance with its norms and rules. Attendance establishes, in this way, a relation of dependence between the attendant, organization and the customer. (OAK, 1999)


It is the way as the employee diriges himself to the customer Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jersey UK , guiding him, conquering his affection. This, trully, is a work that depends exclusively on the attendant. For example: a customer who looks forks in a toy store, will not be taken care of his necessities, but, if he has been well treated and receive information on where to find the product that he looks (forks), will carry a good image of the company, and the day he will need to buy some toys Will Keane Jersey UK , certainly will remember the toy store. All attendance must involve a good treatment however the good treatment does not guarantee the good attendance.


Basic requirements:

To know - his functions, the company, norms and procedures
To speak - to use a simple vocabulary, clearly and objective
To hear - to understand the customer
To perceive - the customer in his totality

The attendant:

The main function of the attendant is to represent the organization next to the customers, supplying information, clarifying doubts, solving problems, at last, to excuse a treatment that generates satisfaction Wayne Rooney Jersey UK , security and tranquility to the customer.

To give a good attendance it is necessary:

Continuous perfectioning: It is the first requirement of the attendance. The security when transmitting information depends on the knowledge that you possess on the function, the norms, the procedures, the company, its products, services and the code of the consumer. (TSCHOHL, 1996)

To hear: It is not possible to take care of without before knowing what to take care of. It is necessary to hear what the customer has to say to establish a communication without consuming.

To speak: After hearing intently, it is necessary to speak, to establish the communication process. When an attendant transmits an information to the customer Timothy Fosu-Mensah Jersey UK , must use himself of an adjusted language, preventing technician terms, acronyms, slangs, at last to be clearly, objective, respecting the level of understanding of the customer.

To perceive: face gestures, expressions and position of the customer are rich in messages, if those aspects can be perceived Sergio Romero Jersey UK , they will assist his understanding. People are different one of the others. For this reason perception is a basic factor. It is through it that we can catch the different reactions and thus to excuse an individual and only treatment.

Quality in the attendance:

The quality of the attendance that we offer can determine the success or the failure of a business. Contact of an employee with the customers of the company as a whole, will influence the relationship with the company. (KOTLER, 1991)

Consistency - It is essential that your employee always must provide the same quality of attendance although the circumstances. If a professional of attendance daily treats well 36 customers and offends 4, in the average will have had a good performance: 90% of good attendance. But if he leads to lose 4 customers per day, the company will be losing about 1.000 customers per year. It is too much. All customers must be taken care with excellence. So, to avoid this:

Pleasure in helping This is the basic prerequisite for a good attendant is to like to help the people. In the case of simply vending its product or service, the company will be effecting a commercial transaction that finishes at the moment to pay and to lead. When helping the customer to decide his (s) problem (s), the master attendant will be creating a relation of lasting cooperation, even if any sell occurs in the first interaction.

Rapidity in the Attendance - All customer must be taken care of quickly not by an efficiency question Sam Johnstone Jersey UK , nor courtesy, but for the fact that, after having waited for five minutes, without to know if he will be had to wait more fifty minutes to obtain what he wants. Waiting for the worse, customer can give up and go for the competition. (MCKENNA, 1992)

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