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The chakra is a point in the body that is associated with Robert McClain Patriots Jersey , and transmits the life force energy. The word ‘chakra’ es from the sanskrit and literally ans ‘spinning wheel or sphere of energy’.

It is traditionally believed by the Hindu’s that there are nearly 90,000 chakra points in the human body. These however are reduced essentially to seven chakra points. These run along the spinal column from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

From the base of the spine and upward, we have the root chakra, navel chakra, the stomh or solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra Rob Ninkovich Patriots Jersey , the throat chakra, the brow or third eye chakra and the crown chakra which forms the seven major chakras of the body. These chakras are the main receiving and transmitting energy points in the human body influencing the spiritual, mystical, emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological conditions of the person.

Chakras have been described in several different ways Rob Gronkowski Patriots Jersey , but all of these descriptions have one mon charteristic. Whether it be from the Chinese dicinal point of view or the Hindu point of view these descriptions are all similar. It is the understanding of the experiences of people and the way that the human mind thinks and goes through different emotions.

It is important to understand that the Chakras in your body are always in motion even if you are sleeping. They are constantly influencing the tabolic functions of your body as well as the thoughts that your mind is having. Now you can see why the well being of our Chakras is so important. If one Chakra is disrupted then our entire body may be affected negatively.

This is due to the seven major chakra’s being connected to the in endocrine gland that is found in our bodies. Even the smallest imbalance of can take it’s toll on our emotional state as well as our physical state. When an imbalance ours it can create a disturbance in the way a person behaves and that is directly linked up to the endocrine gland.

Maintaining the Balance of Chakra Using the above as our point of beginning, we can assu safely that the majority of our ailnts and illnesses are related to our chakras. Even though there may not be enough materialization of imbalance or illness, there may yet be concerns or emotions that e from our childhood that influence us spiritually, emotionally and physically.

One of the major causes of an imbalance in the chakra results from past emotional difficulties in a persons life. Many people have bad habits where they try and forget about bad feelings that they had about events previously in their life. These buried emotions release toxins that effect our bodies all the way down to the cellular level.

This is why it is extrely important to e to terms with the events that have ourred in our life in order to heal ourselves through chakra.

Thus, the human body deserves chakra healing therapies. It can use various techniques such as colour therapy, aromatherapy Reggie Wayne Patriots Jersey , Reiki healing, etc and can use objects such as crystals, gemstones or a pendulum for opening up or balancing the chakras

There are many of people that get much relief from doing yoga as it will help them to breathe better. Yoga can help a person focus they attention sowhere else so that they can balance their chakra much easier.

Other thods include ditation to keep the thoughts focused and gain awareness in a specific amount of ti. This can be obtained in a guidance CD or audio tape for enjoying the relaxation sessions and natural healings for reducing stress and manifesting mind power.

The chakras work constantly to maintain the body, even though we cannot see or touch them.

The body needs nutrition in order for there to be balance of the chakras and the pleasure of good health. There are particular foods that aid in maintaining the balance of eh of the seven chakras.

The root chakra is nouried with food rich in protein, spices and root type vegetables. Nuts, vanilla Patrick Chung Patriots Jersey , cinnamon, sweet fruits and seeds such as caraway and sesa nouries the sral chakra that stands for our sexual being and creativity. Breads, cereals, pasta, yogurt, dairy products and spicy mints nouri our stomh or solar plexus chakra which increases our confidence Nate Solder Patriots Jersey , love and esteem for self.

Did you know that the heart chakra functions the best when you eat leafy vegetables such as cabbage and also functions great when you drink large quantities of green tea? The chakra of the throat needs to stay hydrated. Therefore, you must drink a lot of water and fruit juices like apple juice.

The enhancent of the arpness of in our third eye sight and a deep sense of our psychical talents and gifts that associate with the brow or third eye chakra finds nourint from the consumption of grape juice, wine, grapes and blueberries.

The crown chakra, which is our spiritual and emotional center will benefit from being detoxified. This is hieved by fasting and the ritual inhalation of various herbs and incense.

By always trying to keep our chakras healthy we are being healthy in general. By doing this this makes us bee more in tune with our surroundings and helps with other elents with living in the taphysical world that we live in.

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