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Wholesale Jerseys unches into a bitter tirad

Krusty is persuaded by Bart to appear at a comedy festival organized by Jay Leno. His old-fashioned and outdated material fail to impress the audience when compared the more trendy comics also appearing. After reading a critical review of his act in the press Wholesale Jerseys , Krusty decides to go on a "bender to end all benders", and a montage sequence shows him getting drunk. After Bart finds him passed out on the Flanders' front lawn, he enlists the help of Leno to clean him up in the Simpsons' bathtub. Krusty holds a press conference to announce his retirement, and in short order launches into a bitter tirade against modern-day comics. The crowd find Krusty's rant hysterical, and he subsequently announces his return to comedy. Krusty is inspired to return to doing low-key events, where he structures a new image for himself as a comic who tells the truth, criticizes commercialism, and refuses to sell out to Corporate America. He also changes his appearance, sporting a dark sweater and a ponytail. Observing his newfound popularity, two marketing executives try to persuade Krusty to endorse a new SUV called the Canyonero. Although he tries to resist, he eventually succumbs to the lure of money. After promoting the Canyonero at a comedy performance in Moe's Tavern, he is booed off stage by the patrons. He finally admits to himself that comedy is not in his blood and selling out is. The episode ends with an extended advertisement for the Canyonero, as Krusty and Bart leave Moe's bar in Krusty's new SUV. In the DVD commentary for The Simpsons' ninth season, writer Donick Cary stated that the inspiration for the idea of an episode about stand-up comedy came out of comedy festivals at the time. Executive producer Mike Scully said that the writers had difficulty getting Krusty's offensive bad jokes through the network censors. The stereotypical jokes were allowed because the writers convinced the network censors that viewers would understand it was simply emphasizing Krusty's dated comedic material. Before the scene where Jay Leno and Bart wash Krusty's hair in the bathtub Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , there was going to be a scene where Bart sought Leno to ask for help. The writing staff thought viewers would understand if Leno simply appeared helping Krusty, without this intermediary scene. Mike B. Anderson stated that at least three different acts of material were written and animated for Krusty's comeback stand-up appearance at Moe's Tavern. It was not until the editing process that the material used was decided upon. The episode was still being animated three weeks before it was due to air, and the production process moved frantically shortly before completion. The Canyonero sequence was originally planned to be displayed during the closing credits. The production team liked the scene so much that they did not want it to be obscured by the credits, and gave it its own segment at the end of the episode. In addition to Jay Leno, other real-life comedians that portrayed themselves in the episode include Steven Wright, Janeane Garofalo, Bobcat Goldthwait and Bruce Baum, whose appearance helped increase his popularity. Krusty's "Krustylu Studios" is a spoof on the company Desilu studios set up by Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz, where the series Star Trek was once filmed. During Krusty's "bender to end all benders" montage he is seen drinking out of, and vomiting into, the Stanley Cup. The National Hockey League sent a letter regarding this scene. Mike Scully described it as a "kind of a cease and desist", but the production staff decided not to cut the scene from the episode. The "Canyonero" song and visual sequence was modeled after Ford commercials. The sequence is a parody of a commercial for a sport utility vehicle, and Hank Williams Jr. sings a song about the Canyonero accompanied by country guitar music and whip cracks. The song "Canyonero" closely resembles the theme to the 1960s television series Rawhide. The first verse of the song is: "Can you name the car with a four-wheel drive Smells like a steak and seats thirty-five? Canyonero! Canyonero!" This episode was the first appearance of the Canyonero, which again appeared in The Simpsons season 10 episode Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers". The "Canyonero" song is included on the 1999 soundtrack album Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons. Chris Turner wrote positively of the Canyonero spoof piece in Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation Cheap NFL Jerseys China , calling it "a brilliant parody of an SUV ad". In an article in the journal Environmental Politics Steve Vanderheiden commented that the Canyonero reflected an "anti-SUV" stance by The Simpsons. Vanderheiden wrote: "Even the popular animated television series he Simpsons joined the anti-SUV fray in 1998, featuring a mammoth vehicle called the anyonero (marketed with the jingle: welve yards long, two lanes wideSixty-five tons of American pride!), which promised to help the family transcend its mundane station-wagon existence but instead brought only misery." The term "Canyonero" has since been used in the news media to refer critically to large trucks and SUVs. In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about SUV owners, Vicki Haddock wrote "SUV owners have become something of a punch line, succinctly captured in a "Simpsons" parody touting the apocryphal Canyonero [...]" In a 2006 article, Seth Jayson of The Motley Fool compared the wording in a Ford advertisement myFord Owner Magazine to this episode, writing: "[...] the unholiest of unholies is the writing, which is so thick with absurd adspeak, you'd think it was written by the crew at The Onion or The Simpsons especially that episode where Krusty starts shilling for the Canyonero." In a 2004 article in the Chicago Tribune, Jim Mateja noted that people have pointed out a similarity between the GMC Canyon and the Canyonero. When contacted, GMC responded that the GMC is a pickup truck, while the Canyonero is a parody of an . Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys

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