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Have you ever been told that you have a ‘great voice’? Do you find yourself dubbing television shows and commercials in your spare time? Can you name instances in your daily life that involve creating voices for a child’s story or professionally exercising your abilities to vocalize in front of the public for speaking engagements? If these symptoms sound familiar, you have been bitten by the voice-over bug!

Sometimes these talents make themselves known quite early in your childhood, for example, mimicking teachers, cartoon characters, or they are manifested in bouts of highly over-exaggerated acrobatic vocal feats. Others find that as they mature, their voice becomes more full, pleasant, rich, and perhaps even creamy. Each voice is unique, like a thumbprint or a snowflake. You could even start by describing your own voice. This is the very first step on the road to recovery, not to mention a fundamental piece of knowledge. After all, you should know why it is that you are stricken and are in demand! Now that we’ve talked about your voice, it’s time to start dreaming a bit.

Ever thought that you could be the voice of a major corporation? Imagine being the voice of a Disney character, a national telephone service provider, a global positioning satellite in a car, or the movie trailer voice that introduces a summer blockbuster hit. Wouldn’t that be great if that were you? The only barrier standing between you and ‘making it happen’ is marketing and dedicating yourself to a strong ethic of vocal perseverance. Attending voice lessons with a vocal coach is a great first step to help you develop your voice-over career, and is often beneficial on many levels in addition to educational merits. A voice coach will help to build up your confidence and help you nail passages for commercials Jordan Richards Jersey , documentaries, and character reads. Some teachers specialize in certain areas of voice-over or teach different methods, so you will need to pick the teacher that is best for you.

Maybe you would like to explore the industry a bit deeper before finding a teacher. That’s okay. In fact, there are a multitude of resources and groups that can be of service to you without investing money upfront. The Internet is the perfect place to find complimentary guidance and community support for becoming a voice-over talent. You will be able to find articles and business work templates to help you setup your voice-over business, read and compare reviews of recording studio equipment, best practices within the industry, ideas for voice-over demos, introductions to auditioning and finding voice-over work. basically answers to your most burning questions that will get your going! eBooks and printed books about voice-over are also available to you online or at your favorite book store.

One of the greatest benefits to being a voice talent is that you can work from a professional grade home studio and serve people from all over the world. Yes, that means that you can be in your pajamas, conduct business, and make money with your mouth at the same time. What more could be asked for than a job you enjoy in the comfort of your own home? This is an ideal career for parents that are at home with their little ones, for on-air radio personalities looking for freelance work, television reporters seeking the same, and stand up comics loaded with impersonations perfect for cartoons, satire, or perhaps even political campaigns! Students of music, drama, and languages also find special niches within this industry. There are businesses looking for music and jingle singers Malcom Brown Jersey , professional actors to both record and be a physical spokesperson, and individuals that can translate into different languages and record in native tongues for job opportunities requiring multiple languages.

Since most of the world is now working online, everything is that much faster and easier. The greatest part about this voice-over bug is that everything is at your fingertips!

Before we go, did you know that there is a place for you to officially diagnose your case? The Voices website is just what the doctor ordered. Their friendly staff will help you with get started on the road to making money with your voice. By enrolling as a Guest, you will receive a free web page where you can list your resume, room to showcase your voice-over demo, and be found in their search results to be hired for work opportunities. At Voices, you will be with the industry leader in both excellence and customer service.

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Voices, the voice-over marketplace. She is one of the most connected people in voice-overs, a sought after industry expert and respected blogger. Stephanie has authored many eBooks, including the Definitive Guide to Voice-Over Success, and is editor of the popular voice actor’s blog and hosts popular videos on YouTube: http:www.youtubewatch?v=eSuOAAKQ8bM

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